Qué significa "generous allocation" en español


"generous allocation" en español

generous allocation
  • generosa asignación
  • asignación generosa

Ejemplos de uso para "generous allocation" en inglés

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It is likely that some of these will be rolled into a generous allocation of six weeks' annual leave plus eight bank holidays.
We deal in optimism -- working with young people whose futures are ahead of them, working alongside smart adults, and enjoying a generous allocation of holiday time in which to recuperate.
Alternatively, the generous allocation might be a reaction to the anguish encircling the globe.
Each local government in the region has a responsibility to the people in the region with generous allocation from the federation account.
The use of the soft tyre and a generous allocation adds to that.
Generous allocation of government funds and their quick disbursement helped as well.
Other countries match the effort, calculating commensurate targets based on either distributive or corrective justice approaches (whichever results in a more generous allocation for each country).
Perversely, other funds offered generous allocation rates -- often of more than 100pc.

Ejemplos de uso para "generous allocation" en español

EnglishA company that does not work efficiently should not be rewarded with an initial generous allocation of rights for free.
Una compañía que no trabaje de manera eficaz no deberá verse recompensada gratuitamente con una generosas asignación inicial de derechos.
EnglishFirst of all, the Court observes that a generous allocation of budgetary appropriations may discourage rigorous financial management.
En primer lugar, el Tribunal de Cuentas indica que una asignación generosa de consignaciones presupuestarias puede ser contraproducente para una gestión financiera estricta.

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