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"generous assumption" en español

generous assumption
  • suposición generosa

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And this is making the generous assumption that both of the sources were real, in a position to know and faithfully recorded.
But forget the losses for a moment, and make the generous assumption that it will have sales of $4 million this year.
Keep in mind that this is on the generous assumption that the inventories can be sold at book value (cost of production) without incurring any additional distribution costs.
Now let's make the generous assumption that, in 2041, this five room flat will appreciate by 60 per cent (to $800,000).
Because reporters are busy people, you must assume that they will only read the first sentence and then scan the rest -- and even that's a generous assumption.
It's a generous assumption, but it's also one that all other candidates make, so we can bracket it off for the purpose of fairness, at least.
This trend is based on a generous assumption for annual growth of government spending of 6 percent from 1997-1999 on.

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