Qué significa "generous benefactor" en español


"generous benefactor" en español

generous benefactor
  • generoso benefactor
  • benefactor generoso

Ejemplos de uso para "generous benefactor" en inglés

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Accordingly, a statue has been erected to the generous benefactor.
Simply put, neither he nor anybody he and his family have contacted knows the identity of the generous benefactor.
But once he consolidated control, he was an extremely generous benefactor.
He also remains a generous benefactor to schools, hospitals and personal causes, and has stated that he is driven by fighting poverty in his country.
It's just the reported news of an 11th hour deal organised through some generous benefactor didn't really tally with reality.
The generous benefactor has chosen to remain anonymous but has faith that these officers know who will benefit the most from a $50.00 boost at this time of year.
The rector of the church justified the decision by saying that the gangster had been "a generous benefactor of the poor".
Who the generous benefactor might be is the talk of the town and theories abound.
If they are successful, they will need deep pockets -- or a generous benefactor.

Ejemplos de uso para "generous benefactor" en español

EnglishHanding out gifts today, supposedly helping people and being feted for acting like a generous social benefactor, is the wrong policy.
Repartir hoy regalos, teóricamente para ayudar a la gente y para que se nos aplauda por actuar como generosos benefactores sociales, es una política errónea.

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