Qué significa "generous estimate" en español


"generous estimate" en español

generous estimate
  • estimación generosa

Ejemplos de uso para "generous estimate" en inglés

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Let me also assume that the jumper stops over a distance of 0.4 meters (a generous estimate).
The source said of the hundreds of cases they had reviewed, only about 20 (at a "generous estimate") turned out to be genuine debts.
The whole thing played out in under 20 minutes, so maybe that hour was a generous estimate for this set.
This isn't a "conservative" estimate as the paper says, it's a wildly generous estimate assuming the value that would give them the best possible results.
Fisher's most generous estimate is that 25 per cent of people know what they're doing.
A generous estimate of the cost of all the services she might receive is $50,000 -- and that is very generous.
Washington state analysts have produced the most generous estimate of how much tax revenue legal pot could produce, at nearly $2 billion over five years.

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