Qué significa "generous grants" en español


"generous grants" en español

generous grants
  • subvenciones generosas
  • generosas subvenciones

Ejemplos de uso para "generous grants" en inglés

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The kings had made generous grants for the maintenance of the temple raised with granite and bricks.
A whole industry of consultants has grown up around it, while hundreds of charities and third-sector organisations have sprung up specifically to pitch for generous grants from big companies.
There are also generous grants toward further education courses.
They get generous grants to fly back home and conduct fieldwork etc.
But a lot of the attraction is down to our generous grants and the love often dwindles when the supports run out.
The first good deed that supporters mention is the maulana's generous grants for new mosques and graveyards -- and temples.
In 2016, 17 street murals were funded for a total of $375,890 -- the money coming from the city's generous grants pot.
Authorities hope that the impressive new campus and generous grants from the state will help to attract the brightest minds from around the world.
Congress and state legislatures were liberally greased with money by the railroad barons, and they responded with generous grants and subsidies.
This takes commitment from governments, more generous grants and long-term support.

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