Qué significa "generous heart" en español


"generous heart" en español

generous heart
  • corazón generoso

Ejemplos de uso para "generous heart" en inglés

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He is polite and has a generous heart (not badtameez), and didn't mind waiting till we got answers to our questions.
He just has a generous heart, and he's a hard worker and a strong man.
More importantly, a thankful heart is a generous heart.
We remember him as a gentleman with wonderful manners and a generous heart...
Where it begins is right here, with a generous heart.
I am happy so many have benefitted from her guidance and generous heart.
I hope that people will remember him as a hugely talented and gifted man with a kind and generous heart.
In these cynical, selfish times it's refreshing and life-affirming to experience a film with such a warm and generous heart.

Ejemplos de uso para "generous heart" en español

Englishhours before the Blessed Sacrament filled his heart with generous and courageous
Sacramento llenaban su corazón de amor generoso y valiente.

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