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"generous immigration" en español

generous immigration
  • inmigración generosa

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Canada has the most fair and generous immigration system in the world.
We protected the integrity of our fair and generous immigration system by cracking down on crooked consultants who exploit prospective immigrants.
It can be found, too, in other responses that tried to defy the simplistic explanation that a generous immigration policy has predictably backfired.
It is not inconceivable that world organizations may begin telling us to increase what we now consider to be a generous immigration policy.
Canada continues to have one of the most generous immigration and refugee systems in the world.
The world's most generous immigration program will become more generous still.
Canada can not maintain one of the most generous immigration systems in the world if it's integrity is being undermined by criminal syndicates.
We need to take our government to task for its nasty practices, and win the democratic argument for a more generous immigration arrangement and for tolerance.
Our nation has the most generous immigration system in the world.
Canada's generous immigration policy allows sponsorship of both parents and grandparents living abroad.

Ejemplos de uso para "generous immigration" en español

EnglishWe need a more generous European immigration policy.
Necesitamos una política de inmigración europea más generosa.
English. - (SV) We Swedish Social Democrats in the European Parliament are in favour of a generous immigration policy centred on people's needs.
por escrito. - (SV) Los socialdemócratas suecos en el Parlamento Europeo somos favorables a una política de inmigración generosa basada en las necesidades de las personas.

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