Qué significa "generous perks" en español


"generous perks" en español

generous perks
  • generosas ventajas
  • ventajas generosas

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Glassdoor has listed the most generous perks and benefits that companies pay out to their employees.
While tech firms and ad agencies are known for having generous perks, the practice is being implemented in other industries, too.
With credit-card companies currently offering some of their most generous perks ever, the churner's life can be alluring -- and dangerous.
This is probably because shrewd customers are running multiple current accounts to mop up the generous perks on offer.
Credit-card companies use generous perks to lure customers who travel frequently and spend freely, but they're wary of churners aiming mainly for free trips and other goodies.
Seventeen percent of its undergraduate students have parents who didn't graduate from college, and it is among the institutions that offer generous perks to qualified first-generation students.
It has a fun atmosphere, offers generous perks, and looks after its staff.
The generous perks also promoted fragmentation of rebel groups.
There are often generous perks such as inflation-proofing or spouses' benefits.
Civil service unions are resisting salary cuts lower down the scale, arguing that the government top brass will not feel the pinch after they received generous perks last year.

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