Qué significa "generous philanthropist" en español


"generous philanthropist" en español

generous philanthropist
  • generoso filántropo

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A billionaire tax exile and a generous philanthropist.
Although she's known as a generous philanthropist, she's fairly secretive about how much she money she gives away and to whom.
But this entrepreneur is known in the first place as a generous philanthropist.
Goodman has made significant contributions as a generous philanthropist.
He is outgoing, engaging, entertaining and a generous philanthropist, with both his money and time.
Velayo was also a university professor, a public servant, and a generous philanthropist.
For decades, he has wielded considerable political influence, served as chair of the city's police commission, and been its most generous philanthropist.
The generous philanthropist, unable to stop putting his oar in and opining on any issue, was seen as an elitist trying to throw his weight around.
He has claimed he is a very generous philanthropist.

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