Qué significa "generous salary" en español


"generous salary" en español

generous salary
  • salario generoso

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Candidates can look forward to a generous salary, assistance with visa applications, secure employment and a vibrant way of life.
I get serious work and a generous salary; it gets my time, whenever it wants, as much as it wants.
It has become the benchmark for a generous salary.
A quarter of that million would still be a very generous salary.
The position brought with it a very generous salary.
He was already receiving a generous salary and is in line for a healthy pension.
Residents -- including teenagers made public comments that he already receives a generous salary and the bonus is not needed.
Only about half of their ostensibly generous salary is guaranteed, workers say.
A low-paid foreign service officer abroad is more inclined to hand over classified information for a handsome price than an officer with a more generous salary.
If you do not want the responsibility do not accept the position and the generous salary that goes with it.

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