Qué significa "generous scholarships" en español


"generous scholarships" en español

generous scholarships
  • becas generosas

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Emirati citizens -- officially 18% of the country's total population -- enjoy the fruits of high economic growth, free education, generous scholarships and health care.
Generous scholarships and bursaries may be available on either route, especially for those who will teach in shortage subject areas such as maths, physics and languages.
Toyota has a strong apprenticeship program where it closely tracks potential hires and offers them generous scholarships.
The disclosure prompted unprecedented competition between universities, with more offering generous scholarships and staging aggressive marketing campaigns.
We helped reshape his school list to include more schools known for giving generous scholarships as well as assisted him in completely reworking his essays, resume, applications and recommender choices.
The allocation of more resources in form of generous scholarships were also required enabling the bright and young doctors to pursue higher qualifications, he said.
He believed in quality education for all and gave generous scholarships to promising youngsters.
School representatives are even attending sporting events to scout for talent and offer generous scholarships.
There are still plenty of awards, including generous scholarships awarded for individual accomplishment during the festival.
For one, it took decades before women athletes could get generous scholarships like they do now.

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