Qué significa "generous serving of" en español


"generous serving of" en español

generous serving of
  • generosa porción de
  • servicio generoso de

Ejemplos de uso para "generous serving of" en inglés

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A generous serving of 10 or 11 cod tongues came with a dish of freshly made coleslaw -- the creamy kind, but not overly so.
A generous serving of thinly sliced crispy beef fillets is topped with a savoury brown sauce, sliced onions and chilli peppers.
A piece of oxtail, some veg and a generous serving of the sauce over rice is a meal itself!
Again, for $8 you eat in with your choice of two curries and a generous serving of rice.
As for the cabin, there is a generous serving of carbon-fibre trim pieces alongside the leather upholstery.
As you can see, after serving up a generous serving of this meal, there is still a considerable amount of rice left over.
I try the "classic slow-roast thigh", a generous serving of meat on a bed of caramelised onions with sweet potatoes and barberries.
If the value was true, eating a generous serving of spinach would be comparable to munching on a small piece of paper clip.

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