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"generous slice" en español

generous slice
  • rebanada generosa

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I settled for the minced mushrooms on toast, which were rich and flavourful atop a generous slice of chewy sourdough, nicely complemented by soft-boiled eggs and pickled onions.
Schools were provided a generous slice of the recovery dollars -- - not just once, but twice --- and that money kept the budget ax from falling on my school.
The accompanying dessert is a generous slice of fresh baked marble cake.
I love the little black specks from the poppy seeds, which give the cake a subtle crunch, and tangy creme fraiche is the best accompaniment to a generous slice.
The cake was a generous slice, but there wasn't quite enough custard to match its size.
A generous slice arrives covered in freshly ground coffee and dusted with powdered chocolate.
The dish is then turned upside down and served like a cake, from which you cut yourself a very generous slice.
And they are assisted by no shortage of banks, lawyers, and accountants, all taking a generous slice on the pie.
Luckily we decide to share it because it's a generous slice and everything on the plate is absolutely delicious, especially that creamy ricotta cheesecake filling.
Served atop a spoonful of lentils, the generous slice of foie was expertly caramelized, though amateurishly salted.

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