Qué significa "generous supply of" en español


"generous supply of" en español

generous supply of
  • generosa oferta de

Ejemplos de uso para "generous supply of" en inglés

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Armed with a generous supply of carrots and sugar, she made certain that her dancing horse enjoyed his first festive period as a retired legend.
As a result of this stroke of luck, he was able to provide his platoon with a generous supply of freshly-baked bread.
Every month, 1,200 people received a generous supply of basic groceries.
Plus, the site has a generous supply of really gross infrastructure corrosion pictures (don't look at these if you are a nervous homeowner).
The relocation of the gear selector from the centre console to the steering column will offend traditionalists but does result in a generous supply of storage options.
The tea room was open all day with a generous supply of goodies.
There is only one other requirement for a bubble to form, and that is a generous supply of money.
There's a generous supply of curses, including a particularly chilling one at sneak text-ers in the audience who don't power down, gummy love songs, shameless puns.
When planting camellias add a generous supply of humus and peat.
This game certainly has long-term appeal, thanks to the generous supply of ingenious and devilish platform puzzles.

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