Qué significa "generous tax" en español


"generous tax" en español

generous tax
  • impuesto generoso
  • generoso impuesto

Ejemplos de uso para "generous tax" en inglés

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Conservative lawmakers are targeting teachers, nurses and first responders even as they dole out generous tax breaks to corporations.
Fueled by politicians doling out generous tax breaks, filmmaking talent is migrating to where the money is.
The government should also offer very generous tax breaks for individual donations to cultural institutions and to artists.
They get very generous tax breaks so the movie industry down here is pretty big.
Most savings would come from reducing, but not eliminating, generous tax concessions.
However, pension premiums qualify for generous tax relief at the person's top marginal tax rate, up to 41pc.
It encouraged businesses to expand into the area by offering generous tax breaks.
The hugely generous tax breaks have made me obsessed.
Of course, the same is not true of potash, where the government gives the store away with generous tax breaks for new capital investments.
Nearly 100,000 small enterprises have taken advantage of a generous tax break for purchases of business assets such as vehicles, computers and other equipment.

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