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"genes contribute to" en español

genes contribute to
  • los genes contribuyen a

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It helps that how genes contribute to blood types is a bit more straightforward than, say, cardiovascular disease.
It opens the door to a new way of exploring how genes contribute to disease with a potential for developing finely-tuned therapies.
The newly published report demonstrates that evolutionary related genes contribute to the defense against environmental insults in both humans and turtles.
Many things beyond our genes contribute to making us who we are.
In many ways, the field is a natural extension of pharmacogenomics, the study of how variations in human genes contribute to individual differences in drug metabolism and effectiveness.
Every trait is multigenic -- multiple genes contribute to the expression of every phenotypic detail.
Although the exact mechanism behind drug-induced liver injury is unknown, research suggests that a person's genes contribute to their likelihood of developing this injury.
Genes contribute to self-perceived weight status among young adults, especially among women, the findings showed.
How these genes contribute to heart disease is as yet unknown.
That type of knowledge may emerge in coming decades, however, with better understanding of which genes contribute to diseases like cancer, diabetes or immune conditions, and how they work.

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