Qué significa "genes determine" en español


"genes determine" en español

genes determine
  • genes determinan
  • los genes determinan

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Genes determine the location, sensitivity of your hormone receptors, as well as their location and how they affect you.
Genes determine the nature of proteins, but proteins and higher levels of organization also control gene expression.
Genes determine, for example, whether a person has brown eyes or blue.
Certain genes determine how receptive people are to these hormones.
Although your genes determine part of how well -- or how poorly -- your body and mind will age, much of that is under your control.
They may play only a small role in your life, and the study wasn't designed to prove that certain genes determine your future, the researchers noted.
And studying these flying activities should give neurobiologists a way of understanding exactly how neurons and genes determine behavior.
Genes determine how quickly we get drunk and how likely we are to want to get drunk again.
Genes determine everything from how an organism looks to how it responds to heat and cold.

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