Qué significa "genes influence" en español


"genes influence" en español

genes influence
  • influencia de genes
  • los genes influyen

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It brings us closer to understanding how genes influence the way we look, which is important for forensics applications.
She also is planning to study how genes influence the effectiveness of other drugs frequently prescribed to help people quit smoking.
These findings have potential forensic and cosmetic applications as we increase our knowledge on how genes influence the way we look.
How many genes influence a complex trait, like weight, height or body type?
There are many ways in which genes influence the brain.
A person's genes influence every aspect of their body make up, growth and development.
The researchers suggest that one way your genes influence your chances of becoming obese is by shaping your microbiome.
Isolating specific genes is more difficult because thousands of genes influence any behaviour and the effect of any individual gene is tiny.
Genes influence all things including disease, health, beauty, speed of ageing, physical attributes, etc.

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