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"genetic abnormality" en español

genetic abnormality
  • anormalidad genética

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For example, there are prenatal tests that can tell you whether your fetus seems to have a genetic abnormality.
In young patients, varicose veins are most likely to be caused by a genetic abnormality.
It said researchers have found that men with the condition are more likely to have a genetic abnormality.
Pure hypercholesterolemia or familial hypercholesterolemia is a condition where a person has high cholesterol levels due to a genetic abnormality.
Some of these inherited disorders are caused simply by a genetic abnormality.
If scientists are able to pinpoint the faulty gene they will also be able to screen for the genetic abnormality.
Katie, now 26, carries the genetic abnormality, which primarily affects males - and could pass it on if she has children.
In other cases, though, the tests identify a genetic abnormality that is ambiguous.
A genetic abnormality in his cancer means it doesn't respond to chemotherapy.

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