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"genetic adaptation" en español

genetic adaptation
  • adaptación genética

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Fungi therefore may play a very important role in the highly complex soil habitat: in the spread of soil bacteria, their genetic adaptation and diversity, and ultimately also their evolution.
Sometimes, though, genetic adaptation can happen fairly quickly.
If you catch even the small fish, the advantage of genetic adaptation is quite large.
And if there is a genetic adaptation there to survive, those will hopefully propagate the population into the future.
And every act of reproduction provides countless opportunities for the sort of genetic adaptation that leads to resistance.
That is because bacteria, through natural selection and genetic adaptation, become resistant to antibiotics.
Scientists analysed the genetic codes of 10 bird species and found that hummingbirds were the only one that had a genetic adaptation making them drawn to sweetness.
How could this genetic adaptation be beneficial in one scenario but detrimental in another?
Various other explanations, including genetic adaptation, have been proposed.

Ejemplos de uso para "genetic adaptation" en español

EnglishIt allows maximum variability from the genetic viewpoint, thereby guaranteeing adaptation.
Supone el máximo de variabilidad desde el punto de vista genético, garantizando, por tanto, la adaptación.

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