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"genetic evolution" en español

genetic evolution
  • evolución genética

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Human kindness and food can not overcome millions of years of genetic evolution.
In fact, new genome, or genetic code, studies have revealed their unusually slow rate of genetic evolution.
We can now say that as far as we are concerned, cultural evolution has overtaken the importance of genetic evolution.
Democracy can not manifest through genetic evolution.
Whatever the reason, when a bacterium decides to change, the only means to accomplish the action is through genetic evolution.
Cultural evolution happens at a much faster pace than genetic evolution, and as a consequence our inborn social behaviors are not (yet) fully adapted to this modern way of life.
We need to look to cultural evolution, rather than genetic evolution, to explain the vast gulf that exists between the capabilities and achievements of humans and those of other animals.
You write about cultural evolution and genetic evolution as being equal partners in the process, but culture doesn't bypass the physics and chemistry of the brain.
Humans have only been around for tens of thousands of years, but we are changing the world so much that genetic evolution simply can't keep up.
They found only one study which addressed the genetic evolution of an alpine plant.

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