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"genetic explanation" en español

genetic explanation
  • explicación genética

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So far there doesn't seem to be a genetic explanation.
The study does not link behaviors to specific genes or even conclude that there is a genetic explanation.
Scientists have offered a genetic explanation for why some people are obese and healthy while others develop diabetes and heart disease as a result of their excessive weight.
The researchers will also look for a genetic explanation for why some animals are more drawn to novel or unfamiliar environments.
Height, for example, is an easily-observed trait that is passed down through families and was thought to have a simple genetic explanation.
But doctors are now unravelling the genetic explanation of why at least one-third of us have intermittent or constant sleep problems.
The magnitude of a shared genetic explanation for these chronic conditions was examined by looking at sets of twins.
This occurrence is medically impossible and has no genetic explanation as yet.
A new study offers an intriguing genetic explanation.

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