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"genetic genealogy" en español

genetic genealogy
  • genealogía genética

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Maybe it's not all that surprising that genetic genealogy, a new technology, hasn't ironed out its privacy standards yet.
The entire genetic genealogy of a country could one day be mapped.
But genetic genealogy doesn't have anything to do with medical risks.
That is to say, a national database built on genetic genealogy will have resolved some of these standing controversies.
But beyond just tracing and warning families, genetic genealogy is offering hope of new treatments for other people with serious illness.
This new project is aimed at promoting an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of genetic genealogy.
My latest story is about the rise of this so-called "genetic genealogy" and how it has forced some people to confront painful questions about privacy, identity, and family.
Genetic genealogy complements written records, but its power is such that it can yield information as a standalone tool.
This is not to disparage genetic genealogy and ancestry.

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