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"genetic mechanism" en español

genetic mechanism
  • mecanismo genético

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And in what could be a breakthrough for global farming, he and his team have identified a genetic mechanism that controls temperature sensitivity in the apricot.
Of course, you'd still need a genetic mechanism that could generate variation toward greater brain size and selective advantages that would make the larger brain beneficial.
Dzikowski and colleagues were able for the first time to locate the genetic mechanism that the parasite uses to selectively express one protein while hiding the others.
The genetic mechanism that controls blonde hair doesn't alter the biology of any other part of the body.
This is a sound argument: at some point, any important genetic mechanism of evolution must be shown to have the ability to generate new function rather than eliminating function.
By revealing a shared genetic mechanism underlying bacterial persistence, the study paves the way for novel diagnostic tools and more effective treatment strategies for a range of bacterial infections.
Therefore, the finding that a genetic mechanism could help to explain the co-occurence of these conditions is significant to allow further research.
However, until now, the exact genetic mechanism behind this kitchen chemistry had been a mystery.

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