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"genetic patterns" en español

genetic patterns
  • patrones genéticos

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The long-term goal of the privately funded study is to uncover genetic patterns that predict complex health problems, from prematurity to developmental disorders.
The good news is that some genetic patterns can be changed for the better through future positive experiences.
With the revelation of gene-based relationships, the search for an increasingly detailed understanding of genetic patterns became a driving force throughout all biological disciplines.
Correlating genetic patterns with landscape patterns, they concluded that the mosquito had traveled by human-aided "jump" dispersal followed by slower regional spread.
If you want to know how learning a song alters genetic patterns, affects mate choice and ultimately influences populations, you can learn that too.
In the new study, researchers have taken a step toward quantifying the influence of certain genetic patterns.
Human activity, according to the latest findings, may also alter the genetic patterns of wild populations.
The research team uncovered a number of genetic patterns related to the domestication process.

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