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"genetic potential" en español

genetic potential
  • potencial genético

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Some of the things they consider are the genetic potential of the animal, growth rate, the ability to raise healthy and large number of piglets.
The livestock farms breeding project for beef production is also intended to improve the genetic potential of cattle to international standards.
Therefore, it is need of the hour to improve the genetic potential of the existing dairy animals in order to meet future food demands.
Genetics play a part, but the average person is never going to hit their genetic potential.
What is the best way to tell whether a person reached their genetic potential?
It was access to adequate nutrition that unlocked the genetic potential for taller stature.
The reality is that the genetic potential for crops is far higher that the capacity of our soils to produce.
But unfortunately, genetic potential of this imported quail has been deteriorated due to continuous inbreeding/uncontrolled breeding.
But unfortunately, due to continuous inbreeding, genetic potential of the imported quail might have deteriorated.
Will my child be able to live up to the genetic potential with which she or he is born?

Ejemplos de uso para "genetic potential" en español

EnglishUntil the fourth day, each cell is totipotent, and contains all the genetic information of a potential human being.
Hasta el cuarto día, cada célula es totipotente, encierra todas las informaciones genéticas de un ser humano en potencia.
EnglishAs a result, the northern industrialized countries will acquire monopolies over genetic potential which will greatly exacerbate the North-South conflict.
De este modo, los monopolios de los países industrializados del Norte dominarán el potencial genético, lo que agudizará enormemente el conflicto Norte-Sur.

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