Qué significa "pick the grape" en español


"pick the grape" en español

pick the grape
  • recoger la uva

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A winemaker must make an important decision about the best time to pick the grapes.
When these elements meet a specific balance, it's a grape grower's indication that it's time to pick the grapes.
While his non-harvest workforce remained stable, he now needs just 15 people to pick the grapes, down from 300 before the machines.
Somebody suggested heading north to pick grapes.
When it was time for him to pick grapes, my dad and others would help him.
After they harvested their produce they would go out as a group and do contract work like picking grapes, baling hay and harvesting wheat.
Picking grapes at lesser ripeness, and therefore lower sugar levels, will also result in wines of higher acidity.
Nowadays a lot of wine-makers are picking grapes younger.
This caused a labour bottleneck as they battled to pick grapes at the optimum time.

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