Qué significa "piece of gear" en español


"piece of gear" en español

piece of gear
  • pieza de engranaje
  • pieza de equipo

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A piece of gear can be traded multiple times within that time limit.
So how well a piece of gear can make standard definition appear is one of the major performance differences between two products.
The scaling may be too steep, and the fact that unequipping a piece of gear can ever be helpful is a bug in the system.
In the past, infusing a low-level item with a higher one would result in a piece of gear that sat somewhere in between.
Like the smartphone back in the day, the smartwatch arrived to add some high-tech extras to a piece of gear that already existed.
Each piece of gear has to be recorded and measured, weighed and valued, and entered into a carnet document.
Get the next level, grind the next piece of gear, obtain the next achievement, run the next dungeon.
It is obviously an improvement, a superior piece of gear.
The developers describe each piece of gear as a "game-changer" that will provide you with "situational advantages" and "ensure that nothing becomes obsolete".
He said it would need to be a really expensive piece of gear that was damaged, such as a satellite or radar.

Ejemplos de uso para "piece of gear" en español

EnglishWhen you compare [ICON] to what you would have to spend to get this kind of flexibility, it's the most economical piece of gear I've ever purchased.
Si comparo ICON con lo que tendría que gastarme para conseguir este tipo de flexibilidad, es el equipo más económico que haya comprado nunca.

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