Qué significa "planning guidance" en español


"planning guidance" en español

planning guidance
  • orientación de planificación

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It's more important than ever to ensure that reducing the need to travel remains a cardinal principle of national planning guidance.
They can't say we don't want any housing to be built, because everything has to operate within national planning guidance.
The two documents combined set out clear planning guidance for any proposed development.
The mayor has said he will publish supplementary planning guidance in the autumn.
This document sets out the planning guidance for your local area.
Our new planning guidance will make this crystal clear.
Under the new planning guidance issued today, councils will be strongly encouraged to meet the existing deadline of 16 weeks to approve or reject fracking applications.
Even some critics agree that a national template to give councils better planning guidance, and a reduction in district plans, would introduce more consistency.
So, if you need a comprehensive financial planning guidance, you might want to seek the services of a financial adviser.
We are currently pilot-testing the use of assessment tools to track caregiver stress and support levels in order to identify those requiring case-management, counselling, training, respite or future planning guidance.

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