Qué significa "pocket guide" en español


"pocket guide" en español

pocket guide
  • guía de bolsillo

Ejemplos de uso para "pocket guide" en inglés

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Here's a pocket guide to some first-rate literature with a macabre imagination.
In that sense, it's a pocket guide to an ever-changing economic world.
The latter have been combined in to a pocket guide that examines both historical and contemporary structures, illustrated with sketches and photos.
The sessions will involve both indoor and outdoor activities, using the flashcards and pocket guide.
The application will act as pocket guide and help you search available buses between two stops.
This pocket guide will include all the highlights from the three handbooks in a pocket-sized edition.
A pocket guide version was also produced, so team members could keep the core information with them at all times.
It is monetised through advertising and by allowing businesses seeking a higher profile to pay for an online video or a place in the printed pocket guide.

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