Qué significa "political gimmick" en español


"political gimmick" en español

political gimmick
  • truco político

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And we can not afford to let education become a political gimmick.
As with many other government programs, the free lunch program was initially dismissed as a political gimmick.
Given this circumstance, it is expected that certain quarters view the opposition against payment of 13 per cent derivation to governors as a political gimmick.
However, different actions taken by government in the name of the educational emergency prove it to be nothing more than a political gimmick.
I don't want to see the work going on here as a political gimmick.
It has been almost 15 months since the education emergency was announced and it has proved to be nothing more than a political gimmick.
Rest whatever we talk about is just vote bank politics where reservation is seen as a political gimmick.
The police are using that we are disturbing peace as a political gimmick, but in reality we are not causing any trouble in the country.
Will the electoral promise remain just a political gimmick?

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