Qué significa "poor grasp of" en español


"poor grasp of" en español

poor grasp of
  • mala comprensión de
  • pobre comprensión de

Ejemplos de uso para "poor grasp of" en inglés

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He has a poor grasp of abstract principles and puts his faith in high feeling and strong emotion.
He suffers from a poor grasp of history and geography, poor memory, poor social skills and poor morals.
Nice kid, but like most 10-year-olds he had a poor grasp of statistical probability.
Primary school teachers have such a poor grasp of basic maths that they struggle to solve sums that 11 year olds should be able to answer.
Surely, a poor grasp of reality is not likely to lead to reproductive success?
They add that a poor grasp of the students' language is nearly as bad as not using it at all.
This demonstrates either a deliberate aim to deceive, or a poor grasp of economics.
Buhari did that with his haphazard and antique approach to biting economic decline and his poor grasp of what it takes to handle the complexities of a modern nation.
The statement is not only a sign of the minister's arrogance but also of his poor grasp of logic.
In the recent past, teachers have taken a lot of flak over growing absenteeism, lack of professionalism and in some cases poor grasp of content.

Ejemplos de uso para "poor grasp of" en español

Englishhe has a poor grasp of the problem
Englishshe has a poor grasp of grammar

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