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popular gathering
  • reunión popular

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Hay has also organized parenting workshops, some in barbershops, a popular gathering place for black men.
It wasn't long before the mill became a popular gathering place for city residents.
More than 80 percent of them were younger than 30, he said, as the area is a popular gathering place for young people.
Police have played down the vision, saying they were aware the alley was a popular gathering place for students who smoked cigarettes.
While the gourmet kitchen likely won't get much use, the long dining room table, which comfortably seats 20, will no doubt make for a popular gathering place.
Mauritians consider this "little tree" as a powerful symbol of resistance against natural calamities, and the shady tree is a popular gathering point.
True to its designers' intentions, it quickly became a popular gathering point and hub for the entire campus community.
Since part of the rink's wooden boarder is on city property, the popular gathering point will have to be dismantled.
Scenes from city taverns, which were the popular gathering places, and many other images that depict life in the city line the gallery walls.

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