Qué significa "portable gadgets" en español


"portable gadgets" en español

portable gadgets
  • dispositivos portátiles
  • gadgets portátiles

Ejemplos de uso para "portable gadgets" en inglés

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It's a combination of these factors that make them great for your portable gadgets.
What precautions have you taken to ensure that it's still business as usual if a disaster claims your portable gadgets?
The popular social-networking site already offers a mobile site designed to display on smartphones and other portable gadgets.
Technology has advanced markedly since the dawn of the silicon age, but our portable gadgets and gizmos are still largely held back by the limitations of their power source.
Industry watchers expect 100 or more of the portable gadgets to be shown off at the four-day technology extravaganza.
There is a foldable table at the back of the front seat that makes eating or use of portable gadgets easy for passengers.
She stressed the importance of portable gadgets because it is something she and her son use for educational and entertainment purposes.
What if there was a way to power our portable gadgets endlessly while we're on the move?
In our conversation about how parents can better zero in on their children's whereabouts, we came across a number of portable gadgets that specifically cater to such purpose.

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