Qué significa "portfolio growth" en español


"portfolio growth" en español

portfolio growth
  • crecimiento de la cartera

Ejemplos de uso para "portfolio growth" en inglés

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Higher benefits paid to clients in the life segment were attributed to portfolio growth.
Strong asset quality trends, including a 26% year over year reduction in classified assets, mitigated reserve requirements related to portfolio growth.
Over the last decade, investors have flocked to fast-growing emerging markets to get some additional portfolio growth.
Mosaic's strategy is to create long-term value for its shareholders through accretive acquisitions, long-term portfolio ownership, sustained cash flows and organic portfolio growth.
Provision for credit losses also rose 66.4 percent on account of a higher general loan loss provision in line with the loan portfolio growth.
The total lending portfolio growth of 10.6% for the first half of 2016 was comparable with the previous year.
With a business consisting of 350 spirits brands, one could be forgiven for presuming that the 147-year-old firm had sated its desire for portfolio growth.
Given that long-term market returns aren't likely to exceed six or seven per cent, you could wind up losing a third of your portfolio growth to fees.
Taking these measures could help prevent investment losses, which have the potential to disrupt portfolio growth and delay retirement.
For investors seeking long-term portfolio growth, the effect of a loss (to say nothing of continued losses) can be devastating.