Qué significa "poster girl for" en español


"poster girl for" en español

poster girl for
  • chica cartel para
  • poster chica para

Ejemplos de uso para "poster girl for" en inglés

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And she was regularly accused of being a poster girl for eating disorders, with the implication that she had one herself.
Anderson never utters the phrase, but she is a something of a poster girl for the mantra that women can "have it all".
Dressed in gold and with an intense tan, she looked like a poster girl for modern success.
Meghan has become a poster girl for curvy women and is happy with that.
Records stable, she's become something of a poster girl for indie self-empowerment.
She has already signed a southern movie and is in talks to become a poster girl for one of the most elite international brands.
Some entertainment magazines and sites have even started calling her a poster girl for hipsters who wear the hijab.
The singer, 26, has proudly embraced her natural hair for the past three years, becoming something of a poster girl for the look.
Especially when that someone else is supposed to be the poster girl for heartbreak, not happily ever after.
Heck, she was the poster girl for popular culture in the latter show.

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