Qué significa "postseason game" en español


"postseason game" en español

postseason game
  • juego de posttemporada
  • juego de postesonta

Ejemplos de uso para "postseason game" en inglés

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Brady's playoff brilliance continued, throwing for more than 300 yards for the 11th time in a postseason game, the most all-time.
He'd never had more than three in a postseason game.
It's the first time in his career he drove in the go-ahead run in the eighth inning or later of a postseason game.
Plus he threw a no-hitter in a postseason game.
Prescott was 24 of 38 for 302 yards and became the first rookie quarterback with three touchdowns in a postseason game.
The team had been asked to play in a postseason game; the wreckage was found two days after crashing.
They allowed 12 points in the fourth quarter, matching the fewest they've yielded in the fourth quarter of a postseason game.
They also set a franchise record for most whiffs in a postseason game.
And his encouraging words helped the younger players have more belief in themselves going into their first postseason game.

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