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"pounds of gear" en español

pounds of gear

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Or climbing on, over or thru walls in urban combat, with 60-100 pounds of gear.
He made the hike along with other firefighters wearing 50 to 60 pounds of gear.
Each diver, carrying about 100 extra pounds of gear, swam with masks and mouthpieces on.
That figure includes the jockey plus about 7 pounds of gear.
Even though the average expedition will allow you 32 pounds of gear, it's daunting how much each pound seems to cost.
A canyoneer typically hauls as much as 20 pounds of gear, including rope, wet suit, food, and first aid supplies.
Hertling says the new core-strengthening exercises better prepare soldiers for battle -- to carry a wounded comrade, or to dart across a street, under fire, with 90 pounds of gear.
The prototype can carry hundreds of pounds of gear, lightening the burden for soldiers.

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