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"pounds of gold" en español

pounds of gold

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His slaves were only required to mine two pounds of gold each, rather than four, and they were "rewarded" with a feast of roast pheasant that night.
He walked about a half-mile carrying a stolen bucket containing 86 pounds of gold flakes.
The aluminum pail was filled with 86 pounds of gold flakes, worth an estimated $1.6 million.
During its first ten years of operations the mine is expected to produce approximately 190,000 tonnes of copper concentrate and 230,000 pounds of gold as its main by-product annually.
More than 200 pounds of gold was given by the king and the remainder by other supporters of the temple, officials added.
According to some accounts, around 60,000 people travelled with him and each one of them carried four pounds of gold with them.
That includes 2,204 pounds of gold, which translates to just around $40 million or so.
In addition, thousands of pounds of gold went to the bottom aboard the 280-foot, side-wheel steamship.

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