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pounds of grain

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Bill fills a tank with 1600 liters of hot water, then hauls 1675 pounds of grain up a flight of stairs to pour in from a catwalk above.
One hundred pounds of grain can feed four people for a month.
While it may take 16 pounds of grain to produce a pound of beef, it takes a staggering 2,416 gallons of water to do the same.
The meal is about 3 to 5 pounds of grain, mixed with molasses-based feed and carrots.
The horses eat 17,500 bales of hay; 36,500 pounds of grain and 1,750 pounds of carrots.
It takes seven pounds of grain to raise a pound of beef.
But the concern then was less about the fossil fuel than the equity of the issue, because those ten pounds of grain could be feeding people.
Feeding three to four pounds of grain every third day along with a protein supplement is another option.
With the amount of water it takes to produce one pound of red meat, farmers can grow up to one hundred pounds of grain.

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