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"poverty guidelines" en español

poverty guidelines
  • directrices sobre la pobreza

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She said those patients are charged on a sliding scale based on federal poverty guidelines.
It's not free... unless you fall under the poverty guidelines.
The exchanges will offer a sliding scale of insurance subsidies that extend to incomes as high as four times the poverty guidelines.
Administration officials estimated that the pool could double if a current income-cap of 200 percent of federal poverty guidelines is erased as an eligibility barrier.
Those credits are keyed to the nation's financial poverty guidelines.
Researchers determined that figure based on national poverty guidelines and the state's high cost of living.
When accounting for inflation, that's a similar number to the federal poverty guidelines in 1995.
A child's family income typically needs to be at or below the federal poverty guidelines of $16,000 for a family of two and roughly $20,000 for a family of three.

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