Qué significa "powerful grip" en español


"powerful grip" en español

powerful grip
  • agarre potente.
  • agarre potente

Ejemplos de uso para "powerful grip" en inglés

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But at the same time, the conviction that this is it, that there is no alternative, has a powerful grip on public life and attitudes.
Ever since the dawn of mankind, the moon has exerted a powerful grip on our imaginations.
He transfers techniques relating to atmosphere, tension and fear to produce a compelling film that exhibits a powerful grip on audiences that gradually tightens as the narrative progresses.
Such is the supremacy of our current capitalist imagery that it exacts a powerful grip on our thinking and actions.
More to the point, simply denying welfare benefits to drug users is unlikely to break the powerful grip of addiction.
This leads me to think that the powerful grip of memory is not only common and universal, but inevitable.
Tolai men bond together in secret male societies and still hold a powerful grip within village life, staging time-honoured ceremonies and upholding customary laws.

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