Qué significa "prayer of gratitude" en español


"prayer of gratitude" en español

prayer of gratitude
  • oración de gratitud

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Before the family meal on the 27th, say a prayer of gratitude for all the blessings you have received.
Conclude with a prayer of gratitude for your feet, whose soles keep your soul grounded in the world.
Natalie says she shared the post to encourage parents everywhere to say a prayer of gratitude for their children.
Yes we can, but we first need to say a prayer of gratitude for our fortune and a prayer too for those who are at war.
He goes to the finishing line, drops to his knees, and sends up a prayer of gratitude.
Indonesian artists say you should begin and end your work with a prayer of gratitude -- it's a more reverent kind of collaboration.
Kramer presses his palms together in a prayer of gratitude.
She was informed when the executions began, she reportedly asked to be left alone and later offered namaz-e-shukran, a prayer of gratitude.
Looking out from the stage at thousands and thousands brings a prayer of gratitude to my lips.
So, let's do that, but not before bowing our heads and saying a prayer of gratitude to those who defend our nation, in uniform and in civilian clothes.

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