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"prepare graduates" en español

prepare graduates
  • preparar a los graduados

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Curriculum internationalisation is a response to the need to prepare graduates for work in the new reality of a globally interconnected world.
Its mission is to prepare graduates for responsible and articulate membership in society and for excellence and leadership in their professional and personal lives.
The goal is to prepare graduates for entering the workforce.
Our accredited business schools are responding to change by introducing innovative ways to prepare graduates to be 21st century leaders.
The panelists will discuss how two-year colleges and four-year institutions can work together to prepare graduates to work in the new green economy.
The program helps prepare graduates to qualify for positions as lifeguards, camp counsellors, coaches and tennis instructors.
And you don't have to look far to find reports warning that degrees do not prepare graduates for work.
The rules involve how institutions advertise their programs, recruit students and prepare graduates for employment.
Walters suggests universities could also work closer with employers to better prepare graduates, especially those with disabilities, for making their transitions from school to work.
Most college majors don't prepare graduates for much.

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