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"present a gift" en español

present a gift
  • presentar un regalo

Ejemplos de uso para "present a gift" en inglés

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On the third day, villagers went to the houses of their relatives and presented gifts and served a grand feast with the meat prepared on the first and second day.
The commissioner spent some time with the children and presented gifts and distributed sweets among them.
In return brothers express their hearty feelings of love to their sisters by presenting a gift to her.
The family also showed their appreciation presenting by presenting a gift to the governor.
The chief minister took round of the hospital and went ward to ward and presented gifts to the patients and prayed for their early recovery.
The president talked to the two children and presented gifts to them hoping that they will soon recover fully and live a normal life.
When presenting a gift to a government official, it is best not to include one's name at all.
When presenting a gift to the wedding party, please make sure to include your name on the outside of the envelope.
True, some present a gift in good faith and with sincerity.
Who started this ritual of celebrating births, making and cutting cakes, singing birthday ditties, presenting gifts...?

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