Qué significa "presume guilt" en español


"presume guilt" en español

presume guilt
  • presumir culpabilidad
  • presumir culpa

Ejemplos de uso para "presume guilt" en inglés

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But opponents of the system say that it presumes guilt and that social workers are removing children to cover their own backs.
Worse, it presumes guilt and a flaw in our natures.
He was tried in a court that strongly presumed guilt and whose mechanisms for dealing with an adversarial case were rusty.
Suspension is standard procedure in such cases and does not presume guilt.
It's a system that presumes guilt as a business model -- and recidivism as a bonus.
Wandsworth presumes guilt until innocence is proven and associates that guilt with the family as a whole.
We live in a culture where it is highly fashionable to question all authorities, and to presume guilt rather than innocence with regard to others' motives.
It is also seeking to end parallel imports, presume guilt in copyright infringement claims and introduce a three-strike rule to throw offenders off the internet.
Many students are opposed to software on the grounds that it "presumes guilt," not to mention that it's just so darn annoying to get caught with sloppy citations.
Why, then, should we presume the guilt of the accused?

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