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"private grants" en español

private grants
  • subvenciones privadas

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Because of its lack of direct application to industry, theoretical physics is often underrepresented in the awarding of government and private grants.
Funded by public and private grants, the organization has a dozen people on staff and leads projects aimed at ending chronic homelessness and alcoholism.
The current study was funded by government and private grants, and the researchers report no financial conflicts of interest.
The establishment of public libraries will bring further government and private grants, as well as tourist dollars and income from visiting scholars.
The survival of each seems heavily dependent on government and private grants.
The two bodies combined will be able to apply for federal, state, and private grants, and accept private donations.
The women have applied for some private grants and are hoping for the best.
Won't artists be tempted to seek government grants to celebrate government programs and win matching private grants from political friends of the administration?
The coaching programs are often limited in duration and scope, however, and rely on private grants for survival.
The rest would be covered by public and private grants for northern projects.

Ejemplos de uso para "private grants" en español

EnglishSince we do not wish to support grants to private businesses, even those that are not made openly, we abstained from voting on this report.
Al no desear avalar subvenciones a empresas privadas, incluso enmascaradas, nos hemos abstenido en este informe.

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