Qué significa "pro game" en español


"pro game" en español

pro game
  • juego profesional
pro gamer
  • pro gamer
  • jugador profesional

Ejemplos de uso para "pro game" en inglés

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Adding size and strength is something he'll need in the pro game.
And now the questions will come out, can he go from the college game to the pro game?
Both were earmarked for greatness from their early days in the pro game.
Hamilton invited him to camp last season to give him a flavour of the pro game.
He needs to add strength in order to handle the rigors of the pro game, however.
He's got some credentials, and we want to see how he develops and shapes up in the pro game.
That much is obvious in his assimilation of the pro game.
The 20s are obviously good players, but who have somehow fallen between the cracks in their pursuit of the pro game.
If you want to be a pro gamer, just keep practising and maybe you can be good enough to compete and win some great prizes.
Similar to being a pro gamer, it's hard, but possible (some hackathons with large payouts are listed at the bottom of this article).
So how and where do you sign up to be a pro gamer?
Surely, it is the next best thing to being a pro gamer.
What is different is the in-game techniques and strategies they employ to be a pro gamer, strategies which you must learn.
The life of a pro gamer requires uncommon discipline and perseverance, because the obstacles to success are as numerous outside the game as they are fearsome inside it.
Have ever wondered what would happen if a pro gamer suddenly left a match to go to the toilet?
Although you may not be a pro gamer yet, the increased accuracy mechanical keyboards offer may just help you rise to that level.
Once upon a time, she was a pro gamer before you could really make a living off that sort of thing.

Ejemplos de uso para "pro game" en español

EnglishLogitech Force 3D Pro Game Controller
Logitech Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick USB Game Controller
EnglishSaitek X52 Pro USB Flight Game Controller
EnglishLogitech Force 3D Pro Game Controller
EnglishSaitek X52 Pro USB Flight Game Controller

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