Qué significa "pro golfer" en español


"pro golfer" en español

pro golfer
  • golfista profesional

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It's a worrying trend and a stark reminder how difficult it is to make a living as a pro golfer.
Normally a pro golfer, tennis player or soccer player will have started learning the skills in childhood.
Sure, there's some stress that comes with being a pro golfer.
There are more good players now, and with all the advances, it's a good time to be a pro golfer.
He spent the largest part of his speech describing the handsomeness of a pro golfer he knows and then ripping the assembled media.
Imagine being a pro golfer and going to a specialist with a back injury so chronic the consultant tells you there's no choice but to pack up?
People who put up money to back a pro golfer typically get a return on their investment if the golfer is successful.
He grew muscle a pro golfer didn't need; accumulated injuries he could not wisely sustain.
But the truth is that once a pro golfer is crouched down to examine the break of a green, there's not as much room for him to excel.
He was a pro golfer well before his second transplant.

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