Qué significa "problem gambler" en español


"problem gambler" en español

problem gambler
  • jugador de problemas
  • jugador problemático problema

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His wife said she considered herself a problem gambler, and had sought help in the past.
If people are on the way of transitioning from being a moderate risk to a problem gambler, it'll push them into a situation.
Moreover, if you're a problem gambler, it is simple enough to evade the government's restrictions and gamble online anyway.
Only one participant, a problem gambler, was explicit that her experience with social casino games had led her to gambling.
There are a number of factors that make up and motivate the behaviours of a problem gambler, some of which will only ever be understood by the gambler themselves.
We begin our series on gambling in sport with a chat to a problem gambler.
In this case the pleadings did not contain enough facts to establish reasonable foreseeability and proximity between the casino and the problem gambler.
It is this fantasy of a gambling industry without harmful consequences that is offered by the precisely-defined category of the problem gambler.
One may rightly ask whether an actuarially fair poker machine would ultimately help the problem gambler.
The article left out one of the most important perspectives of all - the problem gambler.

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